Construction Fibres - Turning Torso - Danish Fibres
Construction Fibres - Turning Torso - Danish Fibres
Construction Fibres

Wiking® Construction fibres cover a wide range of high-performance polypropylene fibres for concrete reinforcement. Whether the aim is crack control, tensile strength or fire protection, we can provide the type of construction fibre that meets your need.

Micro Fibres, concrete reinforcement, polypropylene

Fine monofilament polypropylene fibres for preventing concrete cracking caused by plastic shrinkage and settlement.

Macro Fibres, concrete reinforcement, polypropylene

Monofilament polypropylene fibres for increasing flexural strength and tensile strength of concrete.

Fibrillated Fibres for concrete reinforcement

Multifilament PP fibres for preventing the formation of cracks and increasing tensile strength.

Basalt Super-B Fibres

Fibres made from volcanic rocks that provide four times the tensile strength of steel, but being only a quarter of its weight.

Outstanding advantages of using Wiking® Construction Fibres for reinforcement

Wiking® Construction Fibres are used as a strong and cost-saving addition – or even alternative – to steel mesh and steel fibres for concrete reinforcement. The fibres come in different shapes and sizes to meet the requirements of a wide range of concrete applications.

Wiking® Construction Fibres are made of virgin polypropylene. When added to the concrete mix, the fibres will increase the tensile strength of the concrete; prevent the formation of cracks and much more. The result is a highly durable concrete application. Furthermore, a range of our micro polypropylene fibres are certified as fire retardant material for tunnels.

In comparison with steel mesh, our polypropylene fibres do not require much space on the construction site. They can be stored in boxes or bags and are easy to transport. Also, in comparison to steel fibres, a smaller amount of polypropylene fibres is needed to obtain the required tensile strength in concrete. Hence, Wiking® Construction Fibres are a highly cost-effective solution for concrete reinforcement.

Applications of construction fibres
Tunnels and Fire Protection with polypropylene fibres, Danish Fibres

Improving fire resistance and tensile strength in concrete for tunnels.
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Inddor concrete floors reinforcement - Danish Fibres

Enhancing the strength and durability of indoor concrete floors.
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Outdoor concrete reinforcement - Danish Fibres

Preventing outdoor concrete foundations from early deterioration.
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Maritime concrete reinforcement - Danish Fibres

Increasing the structural reliability of concrete exposed to seawater.
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Reinforced Shotcrete - Danish Fibres

Reducing the amount of shotcrete rebounds and preventing the formation of cracks.
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Reinforced cement render - Danish Fibres

Increasing the adhesion of cement render for preventing the formation of cracks.
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