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Applications of construction fibres

Fibres for shotcrete

We have developed a range of Wiking® Construction Fibres for enhancing the performance of shotcrete – both wet mix and dry mix. The fibres can reduce the amount shotcrete rebounds and prevent the formation of cracks.

Shotcrete (i.e. sprayed concrete) is a process where high-strength concrete or mortar is sprayed onto a surface, using compressed air to force the concrete or mortar through a hose at high velocity. This method of application makes shotcrete more durable than ordinary concrete.

Reduced shotcrete rebound
Spraying at high velocity is necessary for achieving a strong and durable result. However, high velocity also means that some of the shotcrete will rebound off the surface. Hence, a costly amount of shotcrete is wasted, which in some situations can amount to 40%. Also, the shotcrete that rebounds will contain the largest particles of the shotcrete mix. As a result, the thickness of the applied shotcrete may exceed the expected, and the shotcrete will be more prone to shrinkage.

By adding Wiking® Construction fibres to the shotcrete mix, the coherent nature of the mix is strengthened noticeably by mechanically binding the cement materials together. As a consequence, shotcrete rebound is considerably reduced.

Reduced plastic shrinkage
Shotcrete also suffers from plastic shrinkage cracking. However, when adding Wiking® Construction Fibres to the shotcrete mix, the capacity for tensile deformation at the plastic stage is increased, preventing the occurrence of plastic shrinkage cracks.

Wiking® Construction Fibres will also increase the shotcrete’s resistance to frost and thawing by creating a more durable surface that prevents any penetration of water and chemical fluids.

Advantages of Wiking®
Construction fibres for shotcrete:

  • Reduced shotcrete rebound
  • Reduced plastic shrinkage cracks
  • Improved resistance to frost and thawing
  • Increased adhesiveness
  • Reduced permeability

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High-performance polypropylene fibres for concrete reinforcement, that provides crack control, tensile strength and fire protection.