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Applications of construction fibres

Fibres for outdoor concrete

Outdoor concrete is often exposed to harsh weather conditions and regular heavy traffic, which can lead to early deterioration. We have therefore developed Wiking® Construction Fibres for preventing outdoor concrete foundations from deteriorating.

With Wiking® Construction Fibres added to the concrete mix, outdoor concrete will become more resistant to external forces that can cause formation of cracks and general deterioration.

Resistance to frost and thaw
During the drying/hardening phase of outdoor concrete, Wiking® Construction Fibres will secure a high resistancy to climatic conditions. The fibres will cause the tensile strength to develop early in the hardening phase, whereby both size and frequency of cracks are reduced.

In the hardened state, Wiking® Construction Fibres will gain a more durable structure and surface, whereby the concrete is better protected against damage caused by cycles of freezing and thawing.

Impact resistance
Wiking® Construction fibres also ensure a high level of impact resistance in concrete. This can be accredited to the high level of energy absorbed through refraction, stretching and pulling of the fibres after the cement binding agent has vanished.

An improved adhesive quality in the cement binding agent also leads to a more ductile and durable concrete surface.

Advantages of Wiking®
Construction fibres for outdoor concrete:

  • Prevention of cracking
  • Improved resistance to frost and thaw
  • Improved impact resistance
  • Improved wearing quality
  • Reduced permeability
  • Fibres do not rust or corrode

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High-performance polypropylene fibres for concrete reinforcement, that provides crack control, tensile strength and fire protection.