Applications of construction fibres

Wiking® Construction Fibres cover a wide range of polypropylene fibres, designed to meet the requirements of all types of concrete applications. Whether your construction project is a tunnel, building or offshore platform, our construction fibres can speed up the construction process and secure a stronger and more durable result.

Tunnels and Fire Protection with polypropylene fibres, Danish Fibres

Improving fire resistance and tensile strength in concrete for tunnels.
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Inddor concrete floors reinforcement - Danish Fibres

Enhancing the strength and durability of indoor concrete floors.
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Outdoor concrete reinforcement - Danish Fibres

Preventing outdoor concrete foundations from early deterioration.
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Maritime concrete reinforcement - Danish Fibres

Increasing the structural reliability of concrete exposed to seawater.
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Reinforced Shotcrete - Danish Fibres

Reducing the amount of shotcrete rebounds and preventing the formation of cracks.
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Reinforced cement render - Danish Fibres

Increasing the adhesion of cement render for preventing the formation of cracks.
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Product information

High-performance polypropylene fibres for concrete reinforcement, that provides crack control, tensile strength and fire protection.

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