Data sheets

Download data sheets in PDF format with description and specifications for each type of fibre.

Construction Fibres
Micro fibres
Wiking® 18 μm
Wiking® 32 μm
Wiking® 50 μm
Macro fibres
Wiking® 4006 TR
Wiking® 4006 SP
Wiking® 4012 TR
Wiking® 4012 SP
Wiking® 4024 TR
Wiking® 4024 SP
Wiking® 4036 TR
Wiking® 4036 SP
Wiking® 4036-4050 TR
Wiking® 4036-4050 SP
Wiking® 4050 TR
Wiking® 4050 SP
Fibrillated fibres
Wiking® 3000 m
Wiking® 4000 m
Wiking® 8000 SP
Wiking® Standard Coarse
Wiking® Standard Extra
Technical Fibres
Filtration fibres
Wiking® Technical Fibres
Fibres for paper
Wiking® Technical Fibres
Flock fibres
Wiking® Technical PP Fibres
Wiking® Refrac
Wiking® Manila
Wiking® Manila
Material Safety
Data sheet – Material Safety
Deutsch – Materialsicherheit
Dansk – Sikkerhedsdatablad
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Product information

High-performance polypropylene fibres for concrete reinforcement, that provides crack control, tensile strength and fire protection.